Dance! Dance! Dance!

The Contrazz debut CD Dance! Dance! Dance! features a repertoire of traditional contra dance tunes—Celtic, Quebecois and American old time—plus a few original compositions performed in a unique and contemporary fashion. With the swing and feel of a jazz band, Contrazz members improvise jazz-like solos with flair and feeling, bringing these traditional tunes to new places.

This recording offers high energy contra dance music that rocks—and that will make you want to dance, dance, dance.


Rodney Marsh – saxophone, flute, penny whistle

David DiGiuseppe – accordion, mandolin

Bernie Petteway – guitar, bass

Diane Petteway – piano

Ed Butler – drums, percussion




  1. It’s A Boy / Rock-a-Bye Baby
  2. Tulip Bandits / Don’t Do That Again
  3. The Wild One!
  4. What, No Fiddler? / Old Joe
  5. Josefin’s Dopvals
  6. Angeline the Baker / Benton’s Dream
  7. JD’s Reel / Super Senior
  8. Mirth With Mischief
  9. Stan Chapman’s Jig / The Mortgage Burn 
  10. Kilfenora / Rolling Waves
  11. Late for the Dance / Sweetbriar
  12. La Madeleine